Inkjet - The technology of the future

In an age where every competitive advantage must be taken, business owners must always look at the big picture. Publishers, brandowners, agencies, printbuyers and printers all have to respond to the global market change and find the innovative ideas and growth opportunities to take them into the future.  Short runs, Print-on-Demand, Just-in-Time, cost reduction, adding value and creative print solutions are the key drivers to justify digital printing.

Inkjet is one of the hottest topics in the industry today and the next evolutionary step in meeting the needs of performance in both speed and color at a reasonable cost will be inkjet. 
Non contact, multiple inks and scalability of inkjet are the key elements to build inkjet systems that provide versatility and flexibility for the various application areas. Inkjet systems have definitively improved reliability, quality, and are becoming more productive. The range of applications keeps expanding, and the potential for each offers new opportunities.

Innovations define the future - the top of the iceberg

Inkjet is per definition a green printing technology, as there is no image carrier ( no plate-making ), will only print the required inkdroplets ( reduced ink consumption ), has minimal substrate/ink waste ( no excessive start up printing step ) and print-on-demand will eliminate storage costs ( including heating, lighting , logistics ). Ink manufacturers have seen the need to focus on the development of new ink-sets ( waterbased pigment, nano, UV), while substrate suppliers look at new media to support a sustainable green print operation.

Due to the economics in the industry, printers/converters are scaling up and/or diversifying, while addressing cost-efficiency by looking for speedy equipment to increase productivity and reducing turn-around-times. Increasing productivity is only part of a solution for printers, the availability of new inks are pushing the boundaries and will have an impact on the benefits and added value for them.
Major print buyers are increasingly interested in prints with the environment in mind, environmental regulations are becoming more stringent and shifting to new inks and an improved printing environment can go hand-in-hand with cost reductions, while preserving existing applications and potentially open new markets. 

Quite often the brand owners have a holistic view and might be challenged to think about reengineering to simplify the process and to increase their flexibility. Cost effective inkjet solutions might be the answer to deal with smaller lot numbers, to offer personalized products and on-demand-services. 



Inkjet in the industrial printing world:

Digital printing is expanding rapidly in the industrial printing markets. In the last couple of years we have witnessed a strong growth of industrial inkjet printing in the interior decoration  markets, such as ceramics, flooring, walls, panels, amongst others. In the meantime inkjet is also a firm stakeholder in the label industry, in flexible packaging and folding cartons. .


It is my firm opinion that inkjet is the future. There is nothing more direct than to jet the fluids of your choice directly without image-carrier in non contact mode on your selected materials; just pick the print quality, width and speed; no limitations in number of colors, white, varnish or metallic and if you prefer with in-line finishing.

We only see the top of the inkjet iceberg:  re-engineering could mean that inkjet could become a disruptive technology for specific markets. Direct product decorations for PET beer bottles and direct container printing have been announced to deal with the trends of the packaging industry: short run printing, Print-on-Demand and customization. The single pass color printing concept is ideally suited to take inkjet into the industrial packaging-converting-production lines.


To fulfil its potential there is a huge need for third parties who can bridge the systems integration and development gap between core technology providers and industrial/high-volume users.

Which is where SPIKIX comes in

Under the leadership of Rob Haak - independent inkjet integration consultant and formerly founder of dotrix, the first company to deliver productive industrial inkjet printing solutions - SPIKIX provides an unrivalled breadth and depth of management consulting services tailored to the international industrial inkjet printing market.

Based in the southern part of the Netherlands, SPIKIX is in constant contact with the industrial printing and converting market, working closely with clients in a variety of industry sectors. SPIKIX is therefore in an ideal position to identify business opportunities that fit comfortably with clients' core competences and abilities to exploit the new opportunity in their chosen markets.

Whatever your requirement – whether you seek strategic directions for inkjet application areas, due diligence assistance for your next inkjet investment, require expert opinion on the basic inkjet building blocks or full guidance for inkjet implementations - SPIKIX will deliver studied, consistent, workable results.

With a passion for inkjet SPIKIX also offers new customized in-house workshops to fit your company requirements. The specialist in inkjet will cover major trends and developments in commercial and industrial inkjet, such as inkjet heads, inks, materials, markets/applications and implementations. For more info, please use the contact button to let us know your specific request.

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